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The Account of Body Piercings - Antediluvian and Fascinating About the World

Body piercings have seen a rebirth of advantage in the last ten to twenty years and are befitting more and more a part of the mainstream Western culture. Take a look at any approach or entertainment magazine and you'll see abundance of well-known celebrities with body piercings like navel rings or a labret.

How to Make Your Civil War Attire Shirt

Your own shirt deliberate and made by you for your own Civil War Consistent Dent is easy and economical. Be a consequence these down-to-earth directions, and your Civil War dress shirt will be closely how you want it.

Top 10 Questions about Body Piercing

Body bitter has grown so much in popularity in fresh years that it has become more or less mainstream, with more and more colonize honorable navel rings and multiple ear rings. Facial piercings, ascend piercings and lots of others to choose from can make clothes confusing.

How I lost A million Dollars In A Bank Robbery

The Million dollars was my life-savings earmarked for prime the pump money for my biotech start-up. I am the Gerald Armstrong the owner of Gen Cells Cures?Gen Cells Cures is all ears on clandestine health do research for the individual.

The Calamity of Human Survival

Environmental Pollution1. Destruction to The Ozone Layer Causes Radiation PollutionThe hole in the ozone layer above the North Pole is appropriate larger, allowing large volumes of ultraviolet radiation to fall absolutely on the Earth's surface, causing destruction and harm to humanity, and consequential in skin canker and other physical ailments.

African Masks

The next is a broad over view of African Masks.There are still sitting room in Africa where honest old masks can be bought, in general by means of dealers.

Tribal Masks

Original Ethnic masks are often seen by unknowing eyes as art items in themselves. That is not the case, but for of choice they are advanced copies.

The Covered Fool

The FoolMy first address be subjected to of the fool in masking was scrutiny Morris Dancing here at home in Yorkshire, England. The Morris dancers were dressed up in their usual dancing shoes with bells and baggy pants.

The Contingencies of Despair: How Existentialists Survive

~ Dread is vertigo unto freedom-freedom that gazes down into its own possibility. In this giddiness abandon succumbs.


Flashes of recall cascade into my consciousness. They take me back thirty years plus.

Heraldry in the Crafts--Why Not Specialize?

I have a small website where I try to sell custom-made lapel buttons. In addendum to these made-to-order buttons I also offer more than a few area of expertise lines of off-the-shelf items and at this time of year I'm as a rule afraid with one of those lines in particular: Irish heraldic buttons.

The Con artist of Folklore

Folklore includes a customary cheat figure, the branch of learning of many stories in a cycle. Con artist tales are in the bodily tales genre, with the cheat himself -- he seems continually to be male -- identified with a actual animal.

Nessie, the Beast of the Loch

They were fierce hill tribes in what is now Scotland, and we called them Picts. The name seems to mean "The Painted People" for they were known to love cheerful body art and multi-coloured clothing.

The Year of the Rooster

The Chick is traditionally careful to be a favourable sign. His crow signals the break of dawn and the creation of a fresh start, compelling away the ghosts and evil spirits of the night.

Progress Versus Perfection

From the creative explosion marking the outset of the universe to our difficult human stage in evolution, some fifteen billion years have elapsed. This complex stage refers to the accepted abilities and the cultural realizations of our species.

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The Humanities Without Nostalgia  The Chronicle of Higher Education

Andrew Kay's recent essay, "Academe's Extinction Event," offers gut-wrenching and at times humorous truth-telling. Likening the 2019 MLA convention to a ...

As humanities majors continue to drop, students, faculty, administrators grapple with the value of a liberal arts degree  Tufts Daily

Tufts University has long been recognized for its robust liberal arts curriculum and nationally ranked international relations program, while also providing ...

The Humanities: Now with 50 Percent Fewer Humans  Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

As the students in Minnesota's college class of 2019 toss their mortarboards into that big blue sky of opportunity, fewer will come down with humanities degrees ...

Recommendations for recovering trust in and support for the humanities (opinion)  Inside Higher Ed

To recover the trust of students and their families, Michael S. Roth writes, we must overcome our cultivated insularity.

Engaging Humanities Program Launches, Aiming to Increase Student Success in the Humanities  The Bottom Line

With majors in humanities on a nationwide decline, the Engaging Humanities program aims to inform incoming UCSB freshman and transfer students about the ...

For the Sake of the Humanities | Opinion  Harvard Crimson

An open letter written by Harvard Ph.D. students in support of Brazil's continued funding of sociology and philosophy programs has received signatures from ...

Want to Save the Humanities? Make College Free.  Pacific Standard

It's time to shift the social contract of education away from short-term job training toward long-term development. And free college has to be part of that shift.

Stop Worrying About the ‘Death’ of the Humanities  The Wall Street Journal

Literature, history and related subjects are becoming less popular in college classrooms, but that isn't the only place they live, Adam Kirsch writes.

Humanities are crucial for technological innovation  San Francisco Chronicle

The men and women who run America's tech giants are accused of many sins, including building platforms and devices that can invade our privacy and even ...

Can You Really Do Humanities Research With Your Undergraduates?  The Chronicle of Higher Education

Admissions brochures routinely tout the benefits of small class sizes, with pictures of lab-coated undergraduates doing beaker work alongside science ...

The 25 humanities majors with the highest salaries  Business Insider

Using data from Payscale and OneClass, we found the 25 humanities majors with the highest average salaries.

OU BOCES honors students in arts, humanities  Times Herald-Record

GOSHEN — Thirty-two high school seniors who have distinguished themselves in the arts and humanities during their high school careers were honored April ...

Humanities Will Survive Progressive Assault  Wall Street Journal

The humanities are not dead but moribund because many professors who were once humanists have turned into ideologues.

Arts and Humanities Scholarship recipients announced | Southern Idaho Local News  Twin Falls Times-News

KETCHUM — The Sun Valley Center for the Arts has announced the winners of its 2019 Arts and Humanities Scholarship program which provides monetary ...

Rowlett's Arts and Humanities Commission 2019 Young Artist winners  Star Local Media

The Rowlett City Council and Arts and Humanities Commission recognized this year's Young Artist Exhibit winners with certificates at the May 7 City Council ...

Eight Texas A&M Faculty Named Arts & Humanities Fellows  Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University presented 2019 Arts & Humanities Fellowships to eight faculty members during an awards luncheon today at the University Club in ...

Humanities majors are worth more than you'd think  Daily Illini

Everyone has heard the spiel they ought to pursue a STEM degree if they have the aptitude. Not only are these subjects crucial for developing the economy of ...

Kellogg Fellows Pursue Research Projects in the Humanities  Middlebury College News and Events

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – Eight Middlebury College juniors and seniors devoted to research in the humanities have been named as recipients of Kellogg Fellowships ...

Trump Administration calls for elimination of National Endowment for the Humanities, Arts in 2020 budget proposal  University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

U.Va. ranks number 1 among nearly 900 colleges and universities in terms of the number of projects funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Dean Goodstein to step down from College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities post  Clemson Newsstand

Clemson University College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities Dean Richard E. Goodstein has announced that he will step down effective Aug. 15, 2019.

Connections: Why STEM can benefit from the arts and humanities  WXXI News

We often hear that science and tech would benefit from arts and the humanities. But how? Start with this: the CEO of a tech company says his firm was about.

Endowment leader finds his passion in humanities  The Columbus Dispatch

While on a visit to The Newberry, a research library in Chicago, Jon Peede got an up-close look at Thomas Jefferson's notated copy of the Federalist Papers, ...

From the Hill to Real Life - Adventures in the New Humanities  St. Olaf College News

From the Hill to Real Life is a new podcast from St. Olaf College that dives deep into the Ole experience and shares what it really means to make a difference ...

National Endowment for the Humanities supports project on disability and technology  EurekAlert

People with disabilities are experts at navigating a world that is not built for them - often by turning to technologies such as voice recognition devices and ...

UI PhD students selected as inaugural Humanities for the Public Good interns  Iowa Now

The following humanities and humanities-adjacent University of Iowa PhD students have been competitively selected to spend this summer working with local ...

humanTech Symposium Identifies Opportunities, Challenges for Humanities at Technological Universities  Georgia Tech News Center

Humanities scholars found both inspiration and shared challenges at the School of Literature, Media, and Communication's (LMC) humanTech symposium, held ...

SLU honors top graduates in College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences  The Advocate

Southeastern Louisiana University student Nathan Callahan received the Director's Award in General Studies at the College of Arts, Humanities and Social ...

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat presents his plan for 'saving the humanities'  The Stanford Daily

Yesterday, New York Times op-ed columnist Ross Douthat spoke in Oshman Hall about how to “save the humanities” in an ever-growing modern technocracy.

Breakingviews - Hadas: CEOs would benefit from more humanities  Reuters

(Reuters Breakingviews) - “The Defects of an University Education, and its Unsuitableness to a Commercial People” is a little-known work by the Scottish ...

University of Scranton Establishes Humanities Center on Campus

(WBRE/WYOU-TV) A Humanities Center will soon open on the campus of the University of Scranton thanks to the generous donation of a graduate. The center ...

House Democrats proposed boosting the budgets of the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities.  Artsy

A month after Trump proposed (yet again) to eliminate the NEA and the NEH, Democrats want to give both more money in 2020.

URI to partner in humanities program of courses for veterans  The Westerly Sun

KINGSTON — With significant numbers of veterans completing military *service* and deployments overseas and returning to civilian life in the U.S. comes the ...

The Guardian view on higher education: humans need the humanities  The Guardian

The authoritarian and populist government of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil is guilty of many crimes. Some, like the assault on the rainforest, will damage the whole ...

Walking Toward the Cliff | The World View  Inside Higher Ed

Measures recently enacted by the President of Brazil raise serious concerns about the future of higher education.

John Garvey Talks with National Endowment For The Humanities Chairman  Catholic University of America The Tower

By Duane Paul Murphy. Catholic University of America President John Garvey held a public conversation on Tuesday with National Endowment For The ...

The Humanities Aren't In Danger  Jewish Journal

“Colleges across America are beginning to prepare for graduation season, but in some corners of campus, you're more likely to hear sounds of dread than of ...

Data+ Program and the Humanities: A Match That Is Helping Scholars Get at New Learning  Duke Today

In this video, English doctoral students Nora Nunn and Michelle Sroka and visiting assistant professor Astrid Giugni discuss their involvement with the Data+ ...

David Bellos and Sean Wilentz receive Behrman Award for the humanities  Princeton University

Princeton professors David Bellos and Sean Wilentz have received the University's Howard T. Behrman Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities.

Full STEAM Ahead: How The Humanities Are Changing In The STEM Era  KUNR Public Radio

Enrollment in science and technology programs is skyrocketing at Truckee Meadows Community College and the University of Nevada, Reno. But, as KUNR's ...

Obermann Center grant explores Humanities for Public Good program  UI The Daily Iowan

Students pursuing a doctorate in the humanities typically default to a traditional academic track position as soon as they hit the job market. However, the ...

Three humanities pioneers with ties to Johns Hopkins remembered  The Hub at Johns Hopkins

Last month, three giants in the humanities with ties to Johns Hopkins died. Michel Jeanneret, Jean Starobinski, and Marcel Detienne each left a deep imprint on ...

Meet Angelo State's New Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities  San Angelo LIVE!

SAN ANGELO, TX — Dr. John E. Klingemann, chair of the Angelo State University Department of History, has been appointed the new dean of ASU's College of ...

Updating traditional Western canon could support a more holistic view of humanities  Daily Bruin

“Stand on the shoulders of giants,” they say. If only those shoulders weren't always attached to dead white men. The Western canon – which is the basis for a ...

News | Humanities and Media Studies Professor Steven Doloff Wins Second New York Emmy Award  Pratt News

Steven Doloff, professor in Pratt's Department of Humanities and Media Studies, has received a 2019 New York Emmy Award. The winners were announced at ...

Franklin College Chosen for Public Humanities Initiative  Inside INdiana Business

Franklin College is one of 25 Council of Independent Colleges members to be selected for a public humanities initiative to promote student research and ...

5 core computational thinking skills that strengthen humanities skills  eSchool News

By using these five computational thinking strategies, students will have the tools to analyze and write about any text.

Dixie State welcomes new dean to College of Humanities & Social Sciences  ABC 4

ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4 News) - Dixie State University has announced it has selected the new dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Adventures in the New Humanities: Publishing — not perishing — in a new age  St. Olaf College News

This post is part of a blog series, 'Adventures in the New Humanities,' by Judy Kutulas, the Boldt Family Distinguished Teaching Chair in the Humanities. I have a ...

Faculty Awarded Prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities Connections Grant  Seton Hall University News & Events

Abe Zakhem, College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Philosophy, and Elizabeth McCrea, Stillman School of Business, were awarded the prestigious NEH ...

NEH Chairman Jon Peede On Building 'Cultural Infrastructure'  New Hampshire Public Radio

With a background in both the sciences and literature, Jon Peede has been chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities for about a year. He'll be.

TJ students find success in science, humanities competition  Inside NoVA

Shan Lateef, a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology, won first place in the Medicine and Behavioral Health category of the ...

Medicine, the Healing Power of the Humanities -- and Four Years at Duke  Duke Today

For the student commencement speaker, the humanities have profoundly shaped her preparation for a future in medicine. Part of the Class of 2019: Graduating ...

University professors awarded prestigious humanities and social science fellowship  The Michigan Daily

On April 29, the Carnegie Corporation of New York announced their 32 Andrew Carnegie fellows for 2019. Among the recipients were University of Michigan's ...

LECTURE | 'Why STEM Needs the Arts & Humanities'  Rochester City Newspaper

In recent years there's been a massive refocusing of our education system on to STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Teaching the next ...

English Doctoral Candidate Wins 2019 Hudson Doctoral Award in the Humanities  University of Arkansas Newswire

Luis Paganelli Marin, doctoral candidate with the Department of English, has been awarded this year's Hudson Doctoral Award in the Humanities by the ...

FIU's CasaCuba receives $750000 from National Endowment for the Humanities  Miami's Community Newspapers

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) recently announced that Florida International University's CasaCuba has received a $750,000 matching ...

Trey Granger new chair of state humanities board  The Alexander City Outlook

U.S. District Court deputy clerk and Alexander City native Trey Granger has been named the new chair of the Alabama Humanities Foundation Board of ...

Lowell School to co-host climate change institute that dovetails with humanities curriculum  The DC Line

Two years after introducing a new curriculum that uses the humanities to teach sixth-graders about climate change, DC's Lowell School is looking to help others ...

Letter to the Editor: Excluding humanities from a university means it ceases to be a university  Tulsa World

With regard to the letter praising the changes at the University of Tulsa, I would like to suggest that the similarity between the words "universe" and "university" ...

Daniella Barta Named VSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences Top Graduate  Valdosta State University News

Daniella Barta of Iszkaszentgyörgy, Hungary, is the recipient of the Spring 2019 President's Award for Academic Excellence for the College of Humanities and ...

Krieger School announces new funding for interdisciplinary humanities research  The Hub at Johns Hopkins

The office of student research at the Krieger School has a new name and new research opportunities. Now called the Office of Undergraduate Research, ...

Senior capstone projects merge technology and humanities through digital media  University of Rochester

Making Their Mark is a Newscenter series of profiles celebrating members of Rochester's graduating class of 2019. As the seniors of the Digital Media Studies ...

Grant Will Help BCC Broaden Criminal Justice Program to Include Humanities

PARAMUS, NJ – Bergen Community College has received a $35000 grant that allows the school to broaden its criminal justice program to include more ...

Students compete in junior science and humanities symposia  Andover Townsman

ANDOVER — A group of 10th grade STEAM students from Greater Lawrence Technical School on River Road recently competed in the Junior Science and ...

Indiana Humanities awards 18 nonprofits with nearly $45000 in grants  Country 103.9 WRBI

Indianapolis, In. — A total of 18 libraries, schools, museums and other nonprofit organizations from Gary to Osgood have received grants from Indiana ...

Mass Humanities awards grant for library program - News  Leominster Champion

Mass Humanities has awarded grants totaling $145312 in support of 12 humanities projects in communities across the state.The only Central Massachusetts ...

Indiana Humanities supports northeast Indiana orgs | Fwbusiness  FW Business

Indiana Humanities has backed two northeast Indiana nonprofits with grant funding.

Senior Spotlights: School of Humanities and Sciences  The Ithacan

The Ithacan is highlighting seniors from each of the five schools on campus who have done exemplary work throughout their time at the college.

Seven faculty members among the new Humanities Center fellows | The Dish  Stanford Report

Seven Stanford faculty members are among the 36 new fellows announced by the Humanities Center. Included in the new cohort are scholars in history, art, ...

A Look At The First Week of 2019 Cape May Music Festival  New Jersey Stage

(CAPE MAY, NJ) -- The Cape May Music Festival, presented by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC), from Sunday, May 26 through Friday, ...

St. Bonaventure's Dr. Megan Walsh awarded National Endowment for Humanities fellowship  Olean Times Herald

ST. BONAVENTURE — Dr. Megan Walsh, chair of the Department of English at St. Bonaventure University, has been awarded a 2019-20 National Endowment ...

JCC Class of 2019 graduates

WATERTOWN, NY — Jefferson Community College will hold its fifty-fifth annual Commencement Ceremony on Friday, May 17, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the McVean ...

Hungerford, Gerber reappointed as FAS deans of humanities, social sciences  Yale News

Professors Amy Hungerford and Alan Gerber have been reappointed as the deans of humanities and social sciences. Both terms are for five years, effective July ...

Miami creates new medical humanities minor  Miami Student

The College of Arts and Science will establish a new minor in the fall called medical humanities. This minor will allow students to strengthen their skills in the ...

Arizona Humanities Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit comes to Verde Valley  Camp Verde Bugle

Friends of the Verde River has partnered with the Camp Verde Community Library to bring the Arizona Humanities Smithsonian Water/Ways Exhibit to the Verde ...

A physician-scholar first  UCI News

UCI grad student Sarah O'Dell is pursuing both an M.D. and a doctorate in the humanities.

Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities to showcase young artists at Artists in Bloom

For the fifth year, TD Bank will present “Artists in Bloom,” a fundraising event benefitting the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities ...

Program Specialist Job in District of Columbia, District of Columbia - National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities  LemonWire

The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in ...

A night of humanities and humanitarians  Richfield Reaper

A group of more than 100 musicians joined forces Monday night for the 2019 Give Back Concert at Richfield High School.

April 29, 2019: Humanities For The Public Good

Max and Aaron are joined by Robyn Schroeder of Humanities for the Public Good, a campus initiative that's organizing a symposium this weekend.

Illinois Humanities to give presentation on impacts of incarceration  Freeport Journal-Standard

THOMSON — Illinois Humanities will present “Social and Economic Impacts of Incarceration” at May 9 at the York Township Public Library, 1005 W. Main St.At ...

Tribute concert honors retiring SPC Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts  Tampa Bay Newspapers

ST. PETERSBURG — St. Petersburg College Wind Ensembles present an evening honoring the more than two decades of *service* of Dean Jonathan Steele ...

Top US Student Researchers in STEM and Humanities Win Scholarships at the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium  Associated Press

Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Student body president highlights Wildcat family at Chico State graduation  Chico Enterprise-Record

CHICO — Alisha Sharma, Associated Students president at Chico State, was the students' reflection speaker at Saturday's second graduation ceremony.

Prindle Institute to host Maggie Schein in residence  The Banner-Graphic

Author and education consultant Maggie Schein is joining the Prindle Institute for Ethics as its first writer in residence. Her two-year residency, which begins July ...

New discovery about how plants make sex cells for reproduction  Stanford Report

Birds do it. Bees do it. Plants do it, too. And for good reason: Sexual reproduction has evolved as nature's way of shuffling the genetic deck of cards, so to speak.

CBSE plus two toppers reveal how to build a career in Humanities, Commerce  Onmanorama

The High Court of Kerala had recently observed that the mad scramble of the parents to force their children to join professional courses existed only in the state.

Mom, daughter share stage at SUNY Sullivan graduation  Times Herald-Record

LOCH SHELDRAKE — Donna Moody held her diploma high on Saturday afternoon as her family cheered for her and Naomi, Moody's daughter, from the ...

2019 Rowlett Arts and Humanities Writing Contest winners | News  Star Local Media

The 2019 Writing Contest winners sponsored by the Rowlett Arts and Humanities Commission.

WV Humanities Council seeking mini-grant applications  Charleston Gazette-Mail

The West Virginia Humanities Council is seeking proposals from nonprofit organizations for its upcoming June 1 mini-grant deadline.

DINING A LA KING: Hundreds expected for Indiana Humanities' events  Goshen News

In a time that feels divided, people are gathering for food, drink and conversation.

West Virginia Humanities Council announces 15 new grant awards  Williamson Daily News

HD MediaThe West Virginia Humanities Council has awarded 15 new grants to nonprofit organizations in West Virginia that support educational programming.

Local teacher receives national recognition  The Recorder

Kathleen Koonz, a fifth-grade special education teacher from the Dexter Park Innovation School in Orange, has been selected as an National Endowment for the ...

Perfect scores in humanities raises 100 questions about exam process  Times of India

When Bengaluru girl Vibha Swaminathan emerged national topper by scoring 100% in the ISC examinations (class 12) this year, she not only drew applause.

Bommersbach to present 'Hell-raising, Heroic and Hidden Women of the Old West'  Camp Verde Bugle

The Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum, in partnership with Yavapai College Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Sedona/Verde Valley, is pleased to ...

Library leads digital humanities task force - News  Illinois State University News

Are you working on or interested in digital humanities projects? If so, Milner Library wants to hear from you. This semester, the library formed a task force of ...

Who Is Robert F. Smith, the Man Paying Off Morehouse Graduates’ Loans?  The New York Times

Robert F. Smith was giving the commencement address to the graduating class of Morehouse College when he made a surprise announcement: He would be ...

Gallery+Story: El Paso history at the center of Hornedo humanities showcase  El Paso Herald-Post

Hornedo Middle School students celebrated El Paso history by chronicling the people, events and markers that shaped the city over the last couple centuries.

Ligas: By devaluing humanities, McDaniel College is abandoning its soul  Carroll County Times

I fear that these decisions will leave McDaniel forgotten as yet another institution that abandoned its soul in an attempt to join a bandwagon trend. I fear that ...

University of Nebraska project shows slavery lawsuit history  North Platte Telegraph

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A quarter century before Dred Scott's petition to be free from slavery was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court, a decision that further ...

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